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Free download - always know your true IP address!

If you want to run a game server, test a webserver, FTP, remote access, Bittorrent tracker, or other server applications, you must know your Internet IP address so your friends know where to connect to. To keep track, you can always browse this page, OR download myWANip to your desktop and always know your real Internet IP! MYWANiP is fast, uses very little memory, and contains NO nasty spy or adware.

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System Requirements (download version)

The downloadable software client is designed for any Windows system newer than Windows 98. The software uses 2MB of RAM and can be minimized to your system tray.

MyWanIP client can also be run under Linux, and OS X desktops equipped with the 'WINE' (Windows compatability) software.

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NOTE: Anonymous or misconfigured web proxies may result in incomplete or incorrect detection.